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SFBT Skills Practice and Supervision Group


To get good at any craft we must practice. To build our confidence, competence and flexibility with Solution Focused language it can be useful to reflect on our experiences with like minded colleagues.  Learning from other Solution Focused practitioners in the field and sharing stories of success can inspire us to have faith, "Keep Calm and Ask the Next Question", when practicing from a simple but not easy approach that can create desired change for our clients as long as we believe in them and ourselves as we move towards the practitioners we aspire to be.

Please contact Kerry for more information on joining one of our monthly SFBT Skills Practice and Supervision groups. These are open groups available in person and online via Zoom.


We look forward to welcoming you and hearing about the difference SFBT has made to your client work and to yourself as a practitioner

Thank you for your message. 
I will reply within the day.

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